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Blvd. Sánchez Taboada #110, Zona Río, 22320, Tijuana
Phone: (664) 684-2736
Nice decor and service of friends is what you'll find in this Cantonese restaurant. We suggest the chop suey, duck Cantonese, Cantonese fish and shark fin soup.
Calle 5ta. esq. con Ave. Revolución, Zona Centro, 22000, Tijuana
Phone: (664685-0677
Blvd. Sanchez Taboada #10713-B , Col. Aviación, 22014, Tijuana
Phone: (664)634-2427
The Costeñito-Bar is a restaurant that teaches to eat seafood very original and simple way, combined with an unmatched ambience. In this concept the specialty is seafood tacos and drinks in a beach...
Escuadrón 201 #3110 local 3 y 4, Col. Aviación, 20014, Tijuana
Phone: (664)681-7679
Located in the heart of Zona Rio, the restaurant district, The Grill Steakhouse offers its guests quality and hospitality. Also, all the meat served is the highest quality of USDA Prime. And just as...
Av. de las Américas #3023, Col. Buena Vista, 22415, Tijuana
Phone: (664)682-7567
Vía Oriente #9211, Zona Río, 22320, Tijuana
Phone: (664)624-2700
"El Patio Restaurant" invites you to discover a new experience in the culinary arts.  Our menu is renowned for its Mexican and international cuisine and proudly includes the diversity and richness of...
Blvd. Salinas #4700, Col. Aviación, 22014, Tijuana
Phone: (664)686-3626
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting room up to 50 people Specialties: Steaks, steaks, Mexican Food Average cost in dollars: $ 110 Pesos Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $ 190 Pesos Hours: 7:00 to 23:00 hrs...
Blvd. Salinas #1647-2, Col. Aviación, 22042, Tijuana
Phone: (664) 686-5640
Restaurant "El Rodeo" was inaugurated on March 19, 1972 in the beautiful city of Tijuana. At that time only had capacity for 64 people. No doubt, Restaurant "El Rodeo" was an innovation for those who...
Av. Río Yaqui #2969-B, Col. Revolución, 22015, Tijuana
Phone: (664)686-3383
Madero casi esquina con calle 7ma., Zona Centro, 22000, Tijuana
Phone: (664)290-7756
Authentic argentine empanadas and a la carte meal in the heart of the city. Empanadas are a traditional snack in northern Argentina that is enjoyed throughout the country. The original recipes and...
Cantera # 360, Playas de Tijuana, 22500, Tijuana
Phone: (664)680-2006
 If you want to eat well and healthy in Tijuana, a place you must visit is the Yogurt Place. This health food restaurant is located behind the Bullring in Playas de Tijuana, located in a small side...
Ave. Sonora #4, Fracc. Chapultepec, 22020, Tijuana
Phone: (664)383-7417
A country style restaurant surrounded by natural elements, where chef Antonio Santoyo expresses its own style. Regional products, fresh and high quality is the mark of our cuisine.
Ave. Sonora #3808, Col. Chapultepec, 22020, Tijuana
Phone: (664)686-28-95
Blvd. Aguacaliente #10854, Col. Aviación, 22014, Tijuana
Phone: (664) 290 09 08
Ave. Sánchez Taboada #10650, Zona Río, 22010, Tijuana
Phone: (664)634-3527
First urban street food center with a focus on social development in a mexican city. Foodgarden is the first company of its kind created in Mexico. Foodgarden has the presence of different culinary...