Tijuana's CVB background

The interest in creating the Tijuana’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau comes from the need of having an organization that would be dedicated entirely to promote the city as a touristic destination, and to promote all those activities that help the development of the touristic sector in the city.

This is how, in 1966, as an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce, the Tijuana’s Town Council, leaded by the Municipal President at the time, Mr. Fracisco López Gutiérrez, sends the request to the State’s Executive Office, Engineer Raúl Sánchez Díaz, and as of December 7th, 1966, he publishes a resolution in the Official State’s Journal, according to the faculties granted upon him by the 35th clause of the State’s Tourism Law, where he approves the CVB’s operations, as well as the regulations that control the activities and performance of its board of directors.

The CVB was created with municipal collaboration as a public decentralized agency, with the purpose of helping the authorities in the affairs of the promotion of touristic activities.

According to its regulations, some of its main assignments are:

  • To help and collaborate with the federal, state and local tourism authorities in the application and fulfillment of the corresponding legislations.
  • To further the national and international tourism affluence in the city of Tijuana.
  • To carry out training and awareness programs, with the means of promoting the touristic culture development.
  • To carry out investigations and creating databases about tourism in its different aspects.
  • To bring up building, infrastructure or realignment projects the corresponding authorities, all of this towards the city’s embellishment. Also bring up solutions for the tourism sector’s situation in Tijuana.


Phone - (664)684-0537

  Name Email Ext.
President Fracisco Villegas presidencia@descubretijuana.com 115
Vicepresident Jack Doron NA NA
Secretary Alfonso Dávila NA NA
Treasurer Martha Domínguez NA NA
President's Assistant NA asistente.presidencia@descubretijuana.com 109
Administrator Rubén Quintero administracion@descubretijuana.com 111
Operations Coordinator Juan Coronado atencion@descubretijuana.com 112
Health Tourism Director NA raul.sanchez@descubretijuana.com 116
Meetings & Conventions Manager Laura Maldonado congresos@descubretijuana.com 105
Comercialization & New Projects Manager José R. Rojas r.rojas@descubretijuana.com 107
Accounting Coordinator Paola Franco contabilidad@descubretijuana.com 110
IT Manager Horacio Millán it@descubretijuana.com 114
VIC at Ave. Revolucion NA revolucion@descubretijuana.com 100
VIC at Pedstrian San Ysidro - Tijuana Border NA peatonal@descubretijuana.com 101
VIC at Airport NA aeropuerto@descubretijuana.com NA