Paintball is a sport where players "usually two teams" shoot paintballs at their opponents through a compressed air gun to achieve some specific goal, creating picturesque scenery of fun.

Enjoy this adrenaline-fueled adventure in Baja Paintball, a place offering 9 different thematic scenarios to play endlessly like Kuwait, Colombia, Principal, Airball Cemetery and El Pueblo. The game takes about 15 to 30 minutes where your creativity, your plan and sense of survival strategies come to light in each contest. Another advantage is that it has open spaces to enjoy any scenery and space to practice archery.

Come spend birthday parties, bachelor parties, time with friends from school, field trips and promote teamwork with your colleagues or employees. The barbecue area provides a living space while enjoying a meal to recharge batteries between one game and another.

Do not miss the opportunity to entertain yourself and your group of friends, wear protective gear, load your guns and start shooting paint balls! Knock down your opponent, get the flag or reach a final goal.

It is located near residential development Santa Fe, passing the freeway to Rosarito. Cheer up! Here you'll have fun in style in one of the most important paintball centers in the region. See you there!

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