The East side of the city, has cultural spaces that offer large and small a number of alternatives for your amusement; In addition to promote industry, Commerce, culture and gastronomy, this area offers places of artistic and scientific recreation as El Trompo Museum interactive of Tijuana. The one which was created so that children and their families are witnesses of great details that everyday life and science to offer us.

Starting your view you can start in the Education Room, specially designed to promote the educational work among parents and children. Below you will find the Explains Room where through interaction; children become familiar with the science and have a better understanding of the world. Through exhibitions and creative atmosphere in the Experience Room, the child puts their skills to the test and is stimulated in their areas of learning and the Audiorama with capacity for 4 thousand persons, events are featured, concerts, theater plays and countless performances for different ages.

In addition, the Generates and Integrates Room, promote the participation of children in science, by making available tools that promote the creativity for the creation of solutions that enable the practical utilization on real problems of today's world.

 Come and learn from the science and technology through play and the play experience! The Spin a creative space; where learning and innovation are surprised by day to day. Learn more in