Once you go to Mini City you will realize that you have before your eyes a little town of Tijuana with its major establishments such as a radio station, a local newspaper, a pizza shop, bank, hospital, fire station, gas station, etc.

The welcome is given to you by the truck transporting the children through the small town of Tijuana. As you get in you will find a football stadium, were kids get wear the uniform and go out to play on the field as a professional. After an excellent game, children can go to the police station and get the police uniform to solve a mystery and keep the city safe or go to the TV station to report the news.

Children can also carry out activities of daily life in this city, from driving a small car and take it to wash and then get to the gas station, to shop at the supermarket and go to the pharmacy buying medicines.

The kids have great fun; they have the opportunity to be a little bit of everything in one day. It is a very safe environment; all activities are supervised by Mini City who also explains the activities. Parents do not have to worry, all you have to do is watch your children have fun while learning to live in a city for children.

If you want a recreational place to take your children, nieces or school groups, Mini City is the recommended place, take advantage of the new opportunity given in the city, and have fun with the family.