Verde y Crema has positioned itself by its fine-dining and unique culinary style created by Chef Jair Tellez; it is located at the Orizaba Street on Blvd. Aguacaliente. Without a stove, and only with the use of wood, the flavors emanating from their kitchen will mesmerize you, because you remember those scents and flavors of the countryside, from a family dinner and from good company.

The aroma of some exquisite tacos de asada, with an oriental touch, hamburgers with French fries in a rustic style, providing new flavors; sandwiches and salads with regional cheeses from Guadalupe valley mix exquisite flavors. The everyday of their dishes is broken when combined and merged with continental ingredients.

Share and enjoy with family and friend their architecture and distribution, drinks, variety of foreign and craft beers, as well as the wines from the region are with you during the evening.