Desde que pones pie en el restaurante, se puede sentir un ambiente distinto al de cualquier otro.

At the very moment that you get into the restaurant, you may feel an atmosphere that is different from any other.

This restaurant is located at Orizaba street by Aguacaliente boulevard. Verde y Crema has been positioned itself by its fine-dining and unique culinary style created by chef Jair Téllez. There is no stove and, only with the use of firewood the flavors start to emanate from the kitchen and stimulate your senses and soon you will start to remember those scents and flavors of field, a unique moment for a family dinner and good company.

The smell of delicious tacos de carne asada with an oriental touch, hamburgers with French fries with a rustic style provides new flavors. Sandwiches and salads with regional cheese coming from el Valle de Guadalupe mixes exquisite flavors. The flavor of their dishes changes in the moment that these get combined and mixed with continental ingredients.

Its architecture and distribution invites you to enjoy and share with family and friends. Their drinks, the variety of foreign and artisan beers as well as the regional wines accompany you during the evening event.

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